With Hala, you can expect excellence & expertise, every time

For the past 20 years Hala has managed thousands of properties working for various Real Estate Agents in Sydney.

15 years ago whilst working with a leading franchise agency, Hala was awarded the National award of “Property Manager of The Year” based on annual growth, profits and level of service. Hala then went on to work with several big brand agents including Meriton Apartments where she continued to succeed and advance her career. 

Fast track some years, Hala noticed a gap in the market for investors seeking a more personalised and high quality service from their Property Managers and without further a do Hala launched Key2, where she continues to provide an outstanding service to select Property Investors who sing her praise quite openly. 

Hala’s personality suits this line of work as she is highly active, result driven, an excellent communicator and has a keen eye for detail. Highly important traits to be successful in the diverse field of property management.

Hala’s knowledge of property management is unparalleled and her length of service in the industry has ensured her exposure to every scenario possible when it comes to tenants, landlords and their properties. For these reasons plus her passionate nature, Hala has become a top performing Property Manager who is well known for her problem solving, mediating skills and outside-the-box thinking.

In her own words, Hala’s objective is “To provide my clients with a property management service that is second to none, keeping their costs low and property performance high, with NO headaches and minimal stress”.

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